Monday, June 21, 2010

Bead and Button Show 2010

I went to the Bead and Button Show to find new tools and learn different jewelry tecniques. I learned about Resin and bought a starter kit from Little Windows. Their resin is non-toxic which was a huge selling point for me, since I put everything in my mouth.

Next I bought a Wire Crinkler from the Beadalon booth. This little gizmo does what its called ''crinkles'' wire. I've seen this advertised in many Jewelry Magazines but could never find a vendor who sold it... until, The Bead and Button Show.

Then I bought a flat nose pliers which isn't that exciting but I found one with a little wider nose on the tip of the pliers. So, it was exciting to me. lol

Lastly, I bought a tool that helps you braid wire. It's a ''contraption'' that I was kicking myself for a year for not buying it. Cindy [I believe her name was?] has a company called The Cool Tool Chick and the tool is pretty cool. I haven't tried it yet but it comes in a very nice bag with ALL the supplies you'd need... oh, except the wire.

I was so excited too because I got to meet one of the artists that inspired me to do wirework- Lisa Kelly Niven. I was really nervous to talk to her but I asked her a few questions and she was too kind to answer them.

I cant wait until next year. lol

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