Wednesday, March 10, 2010


I've been checking out Trollbead bracelets on ladies and I have mixed feelings about the beads and the jewelry.

The bracelets look sloppy. I'm sorry to say that but they do. I always see women struggling with the beads because they are floating around their wrists and it looks annoying and distracting.

The Trollbeads themselves, are very polished and clean looking. I see more and more of these beads and have started to research them. I'd like to just make my own by putting the metal part in the middle but again, will have to checkout more sites.
The beads that I've used in the bracelets above are a less expense version of trollbeads. I've mixed wire and other beads to go along with my faux trollbeads to create a tighter bracelets... I personally like mine better. lol

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