Sunday, December 7, 2008

I'm in ''Earring Mode''

LOOK at this one. I was inspired by Kelly Snelling with this earring... yes, I'll make another one. But I took olive green wire and wrapped it around some fun, fluffy, olive green yarn and added a wire wrapped glass bicone bead at the botton. I might keep these for myself.

Red Background Brown Background

Okay, so I only made one brown dangly earring so far, but isn't it cute?

I call these my Blue Moon earrings.


Kelly said...

yay! lovely work, michelle. i love seeing what you are up to. i'm so happy that you found some inspiration from me. that makes me smile and smile.

bre said...

hey jbj! This a very pretty piece of art you have here! but i was wondering, if you get this comment, can you read my Read This Blog, I have a question, and you and one other persone I think are the only people who have aactually seen my blog. THANKS!

bre said...

hey, i see you haven't blogged in a while.;) so i wonder what your next piece of art will be...! Well, i left a message for you on one of my blog(4got wich one)...(im 4getful) NE wayz but yeah. check it out. So, have you ever made earings with bells? my friend made some and they were to cute! She also had a necklace with little fake x-mas lights! omg, she always has a new accesory! lol, well how are your profits going? Im sure their a big hit! well ttyl, and hopefully at the blog i will tell you about on one of my blogs..sorry if that confus3d you. K, um go to my blog, th3n look at on3 of th3 posts, th3n go to the blog it t3lls you to and waaa laa! Our personal chat blog. D3sign3d for you, me and my oth3r fri3nd! and who3v3r 3ls3i may r3cruit along th3 way!